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Ready to Pack the Whole Family in the RV

Ready to Pack the Whole Family in the RV

Are you in need of an RV that can not only fit your family, but also extended family? Learn about the options you have when searching for the right RV for your family.

Reno RVAccording to an article at, “Finding an RV that can Comfortable fit the Whole Family”

“Most RVers travel in twos. They are usually retired, have a small dog or two, and are blessed with limitless options when it comes to buying an RV.

But those of us with kids who want to go RVing (or even crazier: full time in an RV!) have fewer options, and usually less money because we still need to buy diapers, toys and thousands of crayons. We need to think about seat belts and sleeping arrangements and frequent potty breaks. So, choosing an RV for a large family can be a challenge and you need to be very strategic. If you have, say, three or more kids here are some of your RV options:


With a motor home, you will have plenty of room to hold the kids as you drive. (You only need to make sure there are adequate seat belts available or have some installed if they’re lacking.)

If you go with a smaller motor home, say a Class C that is well under 30 feet you can drive to most places without much hassle – but you’re still restricted from cruising downtown and checking out the city sights. With a Class C, you have a huge sleeping space over the driver’s seat in addition to a back bedroom and any convertible sleeping spaces elsewhere. The drawback is that you have far less storage space than a larger, bus-like Class A.” To read the entire article click here.

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