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Ready to Cross RV Purchase off Your Holiday List in Reno?

Ready to Cross RV Purchase off Your Holiday List in Reno?

Are you debating to purchase an RV this Christmas? Learn how you can change your life for the best just by purchasing an RV and the joy of living the RV lifestyle.

rv 3According to an article at, “Did You Know this About RVing?”

If you are feeling frustrated because of the cost of living, because your outgo often exceeds your income or you’d like to start traveling but aren’t sure you can afford it, read on. This article is for you.

Living the RV lifestyle is a less-expensive lifestyle than living in a sticks-and-brix house. In the RV lifestyle, you have more control over the money you spend so it can control your budget more easily. Overall, you can live on less money if you choose.? Here are some ways I have found that you can use to keep your expenses down in the RV lifestyle:

Housing: RVs, in general, cost less than houses. Plus you can find a wide range of types, quality and prices. Good used RVs cost much less than a new one; you can find some real bargains.

RV parks and camping: While the average price for a camping spot has gone up, you can lower your costs by joining a half-price club like Passport America, boon-docking on public lands or overnight on Wal-Mart parking lots, or working where you also receive a free or low-cost RV site. Some RV clubs have members who offer a place to stay. When you visit friends and relatives, you might be able to park in their driveway too.

Fuel: Save money on fuel by traveling shorter distances and staying longer in one place. Take advantage of weekly and monthly rates and explore an area. You?ll probably enjoy it more and spend less money.” To read the entire article click here.

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