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Purchasing an RV in Reno Nevada That’s Perfect for The Whole Family

Purchasing an RV in Reno Nevada That’s Perfect for The Whole Family

When you think of RVing, what do you think about? Is it family; the whole family including the dog, cat, or bird in Reno Nevada?  When purchasing an RV don’t forget that your RV needs to be pet friendly.

According to an article at, “Choosing an RV that best suits your pet”

“Recently we’ve had several people ask that question. And we’re a bit stumped. Shouldn’t the question be: What is the right pet for our RV? That’s almost like asking what the best kind of house for my pet is. Shouldn’t the question be what the best pet for my house is?

I realize that the questions is probably being asked by people who already have a pet and are looking for a camper…so my answer to you is this: Just be practical!

You don’t want a 150 pound, high energy dog in a efficiency apparent if you aren’t willing to take it out several times a day for exercise. And you don’t want a dog that is destructive and chews if you aren’t willing to buy lots of chew-toys and keep it in a kennel when you aren’t around to watch it.

Let’s face it, your pet doesn’t care about how much storage your camper has, nor does it care about whether the furniture is fabric or leather. It probably doesn’t even care about where you camp. All you pet really cares about is food, exercise, chew toys and YOU!

So the real question is, what do you care about?

Basically, any pet will probably do just fine in any camper provided you work to make it work!”

Now, that you have the dog issue under control for the best RV services in Reno Nevada from sales, collision, and repair visit


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