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Preparing for Full Time RVing in Reno Nevada

Preparing for Full Time RVing in Reno Nevada

Are you thinking about changing your scenery? Is full time RVing maybe in your future in Reno Nevada? Here are tips to help prepare you for full time RVing.

According to an article at, “RV Road Trip 365 Days a Year”          

“Have you ever thought about chucking it all and taking to the road full time? My husband and I have, although we can’t seriously consider it until my daughter is out of high school in a few years. But if you’re free to roam, you could join some 1.3 million Americans who are full-time RV’ers.

To find out what it takes to afford becoming a full-timer, I spoke with Kathy Huggins. She and her husband, John, have been “living the RV dream” for more than seven years and hosted a radio show by that name. (Podcasts are available here.) . I interviewed Kathy for my radio show, “Talk Credit Radio.” Here are the Huggins’ financial tips for a life on the road.

Get organized

While you’re traveling, you’ll need to have someone receive and forward your mail to you. That could be a friend, relative or a mail service. The Huggins use a mail service located in South Dakota (more on that choice later) that forwards their mail twice a month.

They also rely on online banking and bill pay. Their phone, credit card and satellite dish bills are all paid online. If there is a bill that can’t be handled that way (“a hospital bill, for example,” says Kathy), “I leave them a note that I only get my mail twice a month, that I may be late and please do not charge me (a late fee),” she explains. She’s never had a problem, she adds.”

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