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Owning an RV in Colder Climate Tips

Owning an RV in Colder Climate Tips

Owning an RV in colder climates comes with it’s own challenges. Here are RV tips om how to properly maintain your RV in colder climate weather.

rv 1According to an article, “What RV Owners Should Consider in Colder Climate”

As the temperatures drop to about the 40 degree range Fahrenheit at night, you’ll want to start doing the following things:

  1. Wash your RV thoroughly with a wash and wax formula. The best kind of tool to use is the soft, mop-like one with a long handle. This keeps you from scratching the fiberglass and allows you to reach to the top of a larger RV. Wash your RV two or three times. This is important so you’ll build up several coats of wax to protect it against the winter weather.

  2. I don’t recommend an RV cover in really cold and windy areas of the country. I have discussed this at length with experienced RV technicians and other RV owners who tried to use an RV cover. I have been told they are a bad idea, so we have never used one. When the temperatures drop to below zero and you get strong winds, the covers tend to stick to your paint and tear it right off. In places where the winters are brutal like they are here, it is recommended you just put covers on your air conditioning units (on the roof) and park the RV away from tree branches and anything else that could scratch it.

    This has worked well for us for 5 winters. After a good wash and wax in the spring, our RV still looks like we just drove it off the lot for the first time. When breakup comes comes and the spring melt is close, we brush the snow off the roof with a large broom. This keeps the melting snow from running inside the air conditioners.

  3. You can choose to put those canvas wheel covers on your RV tires, you can choose not to. They are not totally necessary. They are supposed to protect your tires against UV rays of the sun. We just use a rubber protective product such as Armor-All and put it all over the tires after we wash it.” To read the entire article click here.

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