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Owning an RV Gives You Freedom

Owning an RV Gives You Freedom

Does your family enjoy camping and exploring what the great outdoors has to offer? Have you experienced all the comforts of camping in an RV? Let’s take a look at the benefits of purchasing an RV.

According to an article at, “Why You Should Own an RV”

30830318_s“When you own an RV, just like with any other vehicle, it will require insurance and maintenance. RVs, however, are considerably more fun than other vehicles. Get close to nature while still remaining comfortable, drive a portable living space all over the country, and decide the details of your trips without having to bother with flight schedules.

You Make the Schedule
Leave home whenever you want and drive as far as you see fit. If you want to stay an extra day, that’s great, there’s no hassling with booking another night at the hotel or trying to get another flight out of town. You don’t have to deal with irritating delays at the airport or missed connecting flights.

No Hotel Costs
While you will have to pay for a spot at a campground, RVs are still a much cheaper way to travel than booking flights and hotels. The cost for your campground spot is typically much lower than what you’d pay to stay in a hotel, and if you’re RV doesn’t have a shower inside, most RV campgrounds have washrooms with showers!

Avoid the Luggage Hassles
When you fly, you risk the airline losing your bag if you check it (after you’ve already paid to get it on the plane), or you’re limited in what you can bring if you carry on (does three ounces of shampoo do anyone any good in the shower?). Even if you pack the car, there’s only so much space in your trunk. RVs, however, provide much more space in which you and your family can pack the essentials plus a little extra, outfitting you quite well for your next trip.” To read the entire article click here.

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