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Make Sure Your RV is Ready for an Emergency Before You Hit the Road

Make Sure Your RV is Ready for an Emergency Before You Hit the Road

Is your RV prepared for an emergency that may come up while traveling on the road? Here’s a list of the common emergency tips that every RV should be equipped with. 

RV to-do-listAccording to an article at, “Disaster Preparation Tips for RV Travelers”

“A lot has been written on disaster preparedness and I’m certain you can do a lot of Googling on your own.  As an RV owner, you are already half way prepared.

You should be ready and able to care for you and your family for at least three days; your own shelter, first aid, food, water, and sanitation. RV owners, make that prepared RV owners, have the perfect “safe haven” and it’s usually sitting just outside of their doors, or at least nearby.

Reminder, in almost every disaster area, no electricity means no gas, no diesel, no ATM, closed stores, etc.

Almost every RV is what I call a disaster sanctuary. It has batteries, it has a radio, it has fresh water holding tanks, it has flushable toilets with holding tanks, it has a refrigerator, it has a stove, it has a microwave, it may have a generator, and most importantly, it’s movable!

All you have to do is prepare!  When you return from a trip, don’t just park it, prepare it as though your family’s life depended on it!

Here’s the short list, you’ll need to go above and beyond this to meet your specific needs.

Before you park the rig for storage:

  • Fill the gas or diesel tank—FULL.  Remember, that fuel also runs your generator.

  • Fill the propane tank—FULL.  Remember, it fuels your heater, hot water, and stove.

  • Fill the fresh water tank—FULL.  Remember, you drink it, cook with it, flush with it, and shower.

  • Check and fill the fluids in your batteries, all of them, coach and vehicle.  Remember, they give you lights, furnace, radio, television and they start the motor.

  • Check your vehicles fluids—oil, coolant, etc. and top them off.

  • Check the air in your tires, including the spare.

  • Check, fill, or fix anything else that fits the need of your RV.

Now stock it up with a few things.  Again, here’s a short list to start you off:

  • Toilet Paper—put in a package, not a couple of rolls

  • Toiletries—a toothbrush for everyone, a tube of toothpaste

  • Sanitizing wipes—get a box full

  • First Aid Kit and manual—-get one that’s at least a little better than minimum

  • Bottled Water—one big case of individual bottles is a good start

  • Flash Lights—a couple of battery types with extra batteries and a crank up flashlight.

  • Matches in a waterproof container

  • Extra clothing” To read the entire article click here.

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