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Looking to Purchase an RV Travel Trailer in Reno Nevada

Looking to Purchase an RV Travel Trailer in Reno Nevada

Does the family enjoy the outdoors? Thinking maybe it’s time to purchase an RV travel trailer? Here are tips on the differences in RV travel trailers.

29sb-1024x768According to an article at, “Travel Trailers”

“Smaller RV travel trailers and pop-ups are still made with touring in mind. These generally are less than 18′ long and contain simple amenities. They are lightweight and quick to set up or prepare for travel. Most weigh less than 3000 lbs or about 1300 Kg and can be towed with a large car or small truck. Mid-range travel trailers are 18′- 25′, can weigh 5000 lbs or more, and are generally towed with compact V-8 powered pickup trucks and SUVs. They have most of the amenities of the larger travel trailers but have sleeping accommodations for fewer people.

Larger RV travel trailers are made keeping in mind the seasonal or full-time users. These generally range from 25’-40′ long and contain all the luxurious comforts. They require a large tow vehicle, either large trucks or SUVs; these can weigh up to 12000 pounds or more. Multiple TVs and Air Conditioners are common features found on these RV travel trailers. Slide-out rooms and screen porches add value to larger RV travel trailers. Fleetwood RV manufactures a high end line of full size RVs and trailers.

Innovative RV Travel Trailers

With time, RV Travel Trailers have witnessed many innovations. One such innovation in RV Travel Trailer is the “Toy Box.” Half living area and half garage, you can roll down all the toys to the countryside. A folding rear ramp gives access for Motorcycles, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, even race cars, to the back half. A built-in generator provides power for A/C, TV, and microwave. Another innovation is the hybrid travel trailer that combines the features of a pop-up trailer and a hard-sided trailer.” To read the entire article click here.

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