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Looking for a Warmer Climate RVing this Winter?

Looking for a Warmer Climate RVing this Winter?

Is winter RVing just not your thing? If your a seasoned RVer, you’ll understand what it means when you hear “snowbirds”. 

7579092_sAccording to an article at, “Where Do all the RVers go in the Winter”

“Each October marks the beginning of the annual migration of literally millions of RVs to warm destinations in the south. You veteran snowbirds and full-timers know what to expect, you’ve been down the road before, you’re looking forward to the trip. But to novice snowbirds this is a new adventure, and although it may be very exciting, it need not be an ordeal. Probably the biggest ordeal for novice snowbirds, and experts alike, is deciding on where to go. And that leads us to the next question …

Since snowbirds migrate south to avoid the cold of winter, the obvious answer to the question “where do snowbirds migrate?” should be “where it’s warm and sunny.” But that’s not specific enough. There are many differences between the offerings that each southern state has to offer. The choice of activities and attractions available at any given destination will play as much a role as the weather in the deciding on a destination. Where snowbirds migrate is based on a multiplicity of factors:

  • climate – of course you’re going to a place where the climate is warm, but do you prefer sunny beaches, arid desserts, moist tropical breezes? Do you like the feel of being out in the woods, near the lake, up in the mountains?

  • activities – what do you like to do? Are you into fishing or boating? Do you like to hike, bike or take long walks? Would you rather shop or attend social functions? Are you a rock-hound or into antiques? Do you just want a peaceful place to relax? Do you prefer rural communities or “near” city destinations?” To read the entire article click here.

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