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Limited RV Kitchen Space Tips in Reno Nevada

Limited RV Kitchen Space Tips in Reno Nevada

The fact is that RV kitchens are limited on space, but that shouldn’t stress you out when packing for your trip in Reno Nevada. Here are RV kitchen tips on the essentials you should have on your trip.

According to an article at, “What You Need in the Kitchen”RV Traveling

“Packing your kitchen for your RV-vacation can be a very daunting task. The best way to ease the stress of a hectic vacation is to plan beforehand.

1. “Look for the Bare necessities”

Figure out what staples you need before going on your trip.  If you are renting an RV make sure you bring all the cooking equipment needed (pots, pans etc.) Try going through your kitchen and write down all the items you use.

2. Plan your Meals

Plan what you’re going to cook everyday while you’re on your vacation.  This tip can also help to save you money.  The more you buy in advance the less tempted you are to purchase those impulse buys.  As an extra tip, if you are traveling with kids let them help you plan the menu.  Get the kids more involved and note which items they can cook (depending on their age).

3. Invest in zip lock and a sharpie

Zip lock bags are an amazing tool to have during your RV-vacation. Make sure to use your Handy Dandy Sharpie to label all your zip lock items.

4. Use paper products

It’s probably not a great idea to bring your fine China on your road trip.  If you bring any glass products 9 times out of 10 they will break.

5. When in doubt throw it out

Finally, not so much on the packing side in order to maintain a clean environment make sure you don’t hold on to leftovers too long.  Having a daily purge will help to keep your space clean and livable.”

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