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Keeping up On Your RV Maintenance and RV Repairs in Reno Nevada

Keeping up On Your RV Maintenance and RV Repairs in Reno Nevada 

Looking to keep your RV in tip-top-shape in Reno Nevada? One of the best reasons for keeping your RV in its best shape is for “resale value”. The other important aspect is keeping up on the maintenance and RV repairs with proper proof of records will benefits you in the end. Learn about how you can increase your RV resale value.

According to an article at, “RV Tips for The Best Resale Value”

“When most people purchase their first RV, they’re thinking long-term investment. Most new RV owners expect to travel in the same RV for years, even decades. And while some owners do develop a lifelong love affair with their RV, most RV owners trade up to a larger or more luxurious model every 6 years or so. If you’ve been to an RV show lately, you know there’s always something new coming along to catch your eye and start you salivating. Most RVers eventually find a way to rationalize upgrading to get the new features they want.

Because you’re likely to sell your RV at some point, it pays to shop not only for the features you need now, but also for features that will increase your RV’s resale value. After all, a high resale price means more cash to spend on all the cool, new goodies you want in your new RV!

In certain RV classes, space and power restrictions may limit the buyer’s choice of features and amenities. For example, because of their comparatively small size, truck campers are more likely to offer a bar-size fridge and two-burner cooktop than a full-size refrigerator and standard 4-burner oven/range, features that are standard in more spacious motorhomes and travel trailers. However, despite size or weight restrictions, RV shoppers will find an enticingly wide range of features in every RV class.

Given the option and budget, RV buyers will find that the following features will both increase their own enjoyment of their next recreational vehicle and be good selling points when they put their RV on the market:

Convenience is the biggest selling point. People purchase RVs to travel and relax. Automated and remote control features sell. Look for RVs with automatic levelers, push-button slides, remote-controlled awnings and other features that reduce the effort it takes to set up camp or maneuver the vehicle.

Because it is always at a premium, space and storage are big sellers. Slides, closets, cupboards, shelves, built-ins and under-rig storage compartments are always in demand.

If available, choose full-size appliances. Today’s RVers are looking for a home-like experience. Kitchens with full-size appliances, laundry areas with a washer/dryer, large bathrooms with full-size showers, and roomy master bedrooms with walk-in closets are high on RV shoppers’ must-have lists.

High-end entertainment systems with flat-screen TVs and surround sound sell well.

Docking ports for electronics and dedicated office space wired to accommodate computers, printers and other home business needs are gaining popularity.

Some buyers will also pay more for fuel-efficiency, safety features like rear-mount cameras, solar panels, and luxury amenities like high-end counters and dual sinks.”

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