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Is the Whole Family Involved in Planning Your RV Trip in Reno Nevada?

Is the Whole Family Involved in Planning Your RV Trip in Reno Nevada?

Ready to plan your next RV adventure? Planning an RV trip can be an adventure in itself, learn how you can get the whole family involved in planning your next RV adventure in Reno Nevada.

happy family eatingAccording to an article at, “RV Travel Tips for Children”

“A successful family RV trip requires that the whole family be involved. Let your children help plan the route, decide which attractions you will visit, and where you will stop for the night. Don’t try to cram 20 states into a week — set reasonable goals and make the trip an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Older children can also help navigate, keep track of travel costs, and even assist in setting up and breaking camp.

Allow room in your travel schedule for spontaneity. Not all the fascinating, memorable, and educational things to see and do are in the travel brochures. And one of the advantages of RV travel is the freedom it offers to take advantage of these opportunities. You aren’t bound by airline schedules or hotel reservations, and your home is with you, so why not take that side trip? You just never know what awaits you around the next bend in the road!

Plan to stop regularly — about every 2 to 3 hours is best. A directory such as “Exit Authority” or trip planning software can help you plan your rest stops at interesting places along the way, or save time looking for a suitable restaurant. If your children are small, it may be easier to schedule part of the driving during the early morning or late evening hours, or during nap times.

On the Road Learning

RVing is a wonderful way to combine learning and travel. Consider it a field trip where you take your house to all those exciting places your children have studied in school! It helps to do some preliminary reading, or have a reference book handy, so you can answer questions that come up (“Mom, how tall are those mountains?”) or offer interesting information. Also consider enriching the travel experience with audio books, carefully chosen to complement your travels. These can be rented through Audio Adventures (800/551-6692), which are perfect for road trips because they can be returned at locations across the country .

Encourage each child to record the trip in his or her own way. This might take the form of a slide show, narrated videotape, scrapbook, journal, mineral collection, or even a web page. This will make a great souvenir or gift for a grandparent, and help your children remember the experiences.”

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