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Is it Time to Upgrade Your RV?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your RV?

Did your family outgrow your current RV? Before you head down to your Reno RV dealership, here are tips on how to get your RV ready to sell.

According to an article at “What to Do Before You Sell Your RV”

11116981_s“1) Get it as close to showroom condition as possible:
If your RV has given you years of camping pleasure, it has probably sustained quite some wear and tear over this period. You may not mind the faded paint job or slightly worn out seats but your buyers certainly will. After all, buyers want to invest in an RV that is as close to showroom condition as they can get within their budget. Do not hesitate to invest in a paint job or in getting your seats redone if it can take a few years off your RV for sale. The bigger price tag you can put on it will more than make up for your expenses. While you are at it, also make sure the interiors are odor free and the carpets and upholstery are cleaned by professionals.

2) Keep the paperwork ready:
Whether you are the original owner of your used RV or the third, your buyer will want to have the paperwork to back up everything. Clean titles tell the buyer that you are a reliable seller to buy from and that’s one concern they can eliminate in the deal. The paperwork for your RV also includes the manuals that came with it when it rolled out of the showroom. If your buyer is a first time RV user, they will find the user manuals very helpful. In fact, a used RV that has all of its user manuals may be a better buy in their view than one that doesn’t have them.

3) Get your RV ready for the road:
It is understandable if you do not want to invest a huge sum in getting major repairs done to your RV right before you sell it. However, to make sure that your vehicle is attractive to buyers, you should ensure that it is ready for the road. Which one do you think you would opt for as a buyer: an RV that lets you start out on your road trip right away or one that has to be driven right into your neighborhood service station for a couple of weeks of care? Keep in mind, if the buyer has to invest time and money in repairing your used RV, your price tag has to substantially trim to accommodate this.” To read the entire article click here.

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