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Important RV Information on Battery Performance in Reno

Important RV Information on Battery Performance in Reno

What could be more of a headache while traveling on the road and the RV battery dies suddenly. Do you know the warnings signs of RV battery failure?

RVing 3According to an article at, “RV Performance”

“Battery performance and overall condition is something that is more important to RVers than most other road warriors, and for good reason. In the grind of the daily commute, poor battery performance is usually no more than a pain in your backside – get a jump-start, call a towing service or simply get the battery replaced at the corner auto-parts store. But in the back country, where help isn’t always a phone call away, a dying battery can mean anything from a minor inconvenience to dire circumstances, depending on the situation.
Knowing how to check or test your batteries, how to maintain them and making the right choice when it comes time for replacement are critical components in ensuring trouble-free performance on the road. But the batteries in your tow vehicle and those used in your RV are different animals, and as such, have different requirements.

Batteries for the Tow Vehicle
Like most of the components on your vehicle, the OEM battery is a compromise to some degree. It is designed to endure the rigors of day-to-day use by average people in a variety of different climates. According to Gale Kimbrough, technical services manager for Interstate batteries, a battery’s efficiency is rated at an ambient temperature of 80? F. By and large, a hot climate such as Las Vegas Nevada, or Phoenix, Arizona, is hardest on a starting battery, but extreme cold can shorten life as well. On average, you can expect your starting battery to deliver reliable performance for 3-5 years under normal usage. Typical signs of a dying battery are quick discharge (the battery seems to lose life after playing the stereo or running the lights for only a short time with the engine off) and sluggish starting. If, on the other hand, you notice that your lights dim with the engine running, you likely have an alternator that’s going bad, or some other problem with your charging system. Bear in mind that, if your alternator has indeed been the culprit, the constant drain on your battery may have damaged it as well.” To read the entire article click here.”

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