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How to Utilize the Space in Your RV to the Fullest

How to Utilize the Space in Your RV to the Fullest 

Is your RV ready for a makeover, feeling a little cramped in the RV? Here are helpful RV organizational tips that every RV traveler could benefit from.

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “Ready to Organize Your RV”

A place for everything, and everything in its place

Ah, the open road.  The only thing separating you and your adventure is getting everything stocked and prepared.  But once you start loading, all those gadgets and tools that you thought were small seem to grow into giants when added to the RV.  A few ingenious ideas can create a well stocked, yet organized trip.  When venturing onto the open road in a RV or camper, every inch of space is vital.  Careful planning and creative though will help make your RV, a home on wheels.  Here are 20 great “what you’ll need” tips for keeping the kitchen, laundry and bathroom in your RV and camper (and home for that matter) organized.

What You Need:

• Remove the labels from used can goods and coffee containers to store utensils and flatware vertically in cabinets freeing up precious drawer space (add a sponge or rag during travel to stop rattling)
• Add door stops mounted vertically in drawers to create tight fitting spaces for dishes
• Layer pot holders, kitchen towels and rags between plates and bowls during transportation to and from the campsite
• If there is space, use hinges and a locking arm (available at most hardware stores) on a large cutting board to create a drop-leaf cutting board / counter top extension
• Add hooks underneath upper cabinets to hang things like mugs and pot holders while at the campsite
• Find multi-use and collapsible utensil and cooking to save space  
• Store taper candles in the left over cardboard rolls from paper towels to keep them from getting dented.” To read the entire article click here.

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