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How to Stay Warm on your Next RV Winter Road Trip

How to Stay Warm on your Next RV Winter Road Trip

Have a winter RV road trip planned this season for the whole family? While your on the road here are tips on how to stay cozy and warm.

rv 8According to an article, “Enjoy Your Winter RV Trip”

“The first thing the owner can do is take a good inventory of their RV, and perform an inspection of all the slides and windows, and door seals on their RV.

Exterior Seals:

Those cracked and torn rubber seals and gaskets around your windows, doors and slides should all be maintained regularly and either replaced or repaired depending on their condition.

If they are cracked and hard, then they are probably not going to give you a good seal against the elements, so replace them too.

They are probably letting air into your RV, wherever you can see that the fit is not perfect.

Once you have taken care of any and all gasket and seal problems on the outside of your RV, make a thorough check for air leaks on the inside.

Interior Drafts:

If your RV feels “drafty” the leak is often something that can be fixed with a little Silicone rubber, or maybe a little strategically placed spray foam insulation, then great.

But if you have significant level of cold air coming into your RV, from wherever, you might consider finding a short-term solution.” To read the entire article click here.

As with any RV road trip it’s always safe to have your RV serviced, contact A1-RV at 775-348-0908 or visit for more information on our services.  

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