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How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill While RVing

How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill While RVing

Every family has different ways that they like to spend quality time together. For many families they spend quality time RVing. Here are tips on how to save on your grocery bill while enjoying quality time with loved ones.

According to an article at, “RVing on a Budget”

“How to Save Money While Full Time RVing

How to Save on Food:

Plan ahead. Do not go to the grocery store every day. Make a list and only buy things on the list.

Never throw food away. Don’t buy more fresh food than you can use. Use what you have on hand before buying more. Make good use of leftovers or freeze them for another time. Save small portions of leftover meat and vegetables to make soup or stir fries.

Limit eating out. When going on day trips, pack a lunch and snacks to take with you. If you do want to try a special restaurant, go for lunch instead of dinner as you can often get the same food in smaller servings for a lesser price. When eating out, order only water to drink. Have a glass of wine and crackers and cheese before you go out. Have coffee and desert when you get home. Ordering drinks and desert can often double your bill.

Shop sales and discount stores and buy extra to freeze or store if you have room.

Use coupons, but stay away from items you wouldn’t normally buy.

Buy local fresh foods in season and in the area where they are grown. Strawberries in Florida, apples in New York, Grapefruit in Texas… the list is long.” To read the entire article click here.

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