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How to Properly Winterize an RV

How to Properly Winterize an RV

Storing your RV during the winter season requires necessary steps to keep your RV in tip-top-shape for the upcoming spring traveling season. Before you store your RV, let’s take a look at key areas to focus on when winterizing an RV.

According to an article at, “RV Winterization”

9924239_s“It’s that time of the year again – time to pack up and clean out your RV, because winter is here.  Winterization is important, as your RV will stand in storage for a long period of time in extreme temperatures. Without proper winterization, you face many risks, such as mold, frozen plumbing and critter infestations to name a few. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions when winterizing your RV, but the general tips below will also go a long way to keeping your RV safe throughout the cooler months.

  1. Get to know your RV

By understanding all the different systems in your RV and knowing what happens to them during winter, you will have a good idea about why winterization is so important. Winterization is an important step to preventing damage due to freezing. If you’re not comfortable with winterizing your RV, it is best left to the service professionals.  You could however save money by taking care of the basics:

  • Wash the exterior of your RV.
  • Clean the inside of your RV.
  • Winterize the plumbing lines using a non-toxic antifreeze.
  • Cover the RV, tires and A/C.
  • Disconnect the batteries and propane bottles and store them away from moisture.
  1. Prevent snow from damaging your RV

Manufacturers use lightweight materials to make RV roofs, so even a few inches of snow can cause it to collapse. Once the storm has blown over, go outside and remove snow from the roof of your RV using a plastic snow shovel.” To read the entire article click here.

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