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How to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

How to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

Are the happy travels of RVing put on hold in the winter season? Here are helpful RV storage tips to help prolong the life of your RV.

7388303_sAccording to an article at, “Is Your RV Ready for the RV Winter Season?”

“Preparing your RV for winter storage involves more than the water system. As important as the water system is, there are a few more things you’ll want to take care with, as well. 

Storage Supplies

  • Tarp made of breathable material, if you need to cover your RV
  • Container of moisture absorbent: Dri-Z-Air, Damp Rid (calcium chloride), or silica gel
  • Alternatively, you can use a dehumidifier, but this must be powered electrically
  • Blocks for tires if you park on soft earth
  • WD-40 for lubrication
  • Brass or aluminum wool
  • Great Stuff™ Insulation Foam
  • Ant bait or traps and other insect repellents or traps (choose with your pets’ safety in mind)
  • Bleach
  • Cleaning solution
  • Vacuum

Start with a Bath

Wash your RV thoroughly. Any mildew that has gotten a start with be out of control by spring. Wash awnings, wheel wells, tires (street side and undercarriage side), and check all your seals (windows, doors, and anywhere else there are seals.) Make sure your RV is completely dry before storing it inside or covering it with a tarp.

Tires, Bearings and Moving Parts

If you can block your tires, or jack the weight from them it will help keep flat spots from developing on your tires. Your RV has many moving parts, like bearings that could use lubricating before storing. If you store your RV outside consider tire covers. Lighter colored covers keep the tires cooler and help to preserve them longer.

Check everything for cracks, tears, rust, corrosion, loose connections, or any flaw that can worsen while in storage. Fix it now.” To read the entire article click here.

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