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How to Plan a Successful RV Trip in Reno Nevada

How to Plan a Successful RV Trip in Reno Nevada

Are you planning on traveling for a couple of months in your RV? To make your long RV trip successful on the road in Reno Nevada, here are few tips to consider.

rvAccording to an article at, “Extended RV Traveling

“1. Start planning early. It takes many hours of work to plan a long trip successfully.

2. Make a checklist of things to take, and check them off as you pack.

3. Eliminate unnecessary expenses right before you leave. This includes:

Disconnecting cable modem service. We use Comcast, and there is a $25 fee to reconnect the modem every time that we return, but this is far cheaper than paying the monthly rate while we are gone for 4 or five months.

Make sure your heat is turned down or off. We leave ours at 50-55 during the winter, but have considered having the pipes drained and turning the heat completely off.

Discontinue newspaper delivery while you’re gone.

4. Make plans for receiving your mail. When we are traveling quickly from one place to another we have asked our children to receive our mail and have had it forwarded to them. Of course you can always pay for a mail service. If you are staying at a campground for a long enough period of time you can forward your mail to a post office near your campground using General Delivery.

5. Know approximately where you will be staying every night. Even if you don’t reserve all of your sites ahead of time, at least plan on how many hours a day you want to drive and know what campgrounds are nearby your end of the day stopping point. We reserve our campsites ahead of time for our entire trip because we like having the peace of mind that it gives us. There is nothing worse than being exhausted and not having a clue as to where the next campground might be.”

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