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How to Inspect Your RV for Leak Repairs in Reno Nevada

How to Inspect Your RV for Leak Repairs in Reno Nevada

When you’re inspecting your RV in Reno Nevada for repairs, do you know how to spot a leak repair? Here are tips on what to look for when inspecting your RV for repairs.

rv 1According to an article at, “How to Spot a Leak in Your RV

“Leaks are often hard to spot from the outside. You can’t always look at a seam and tell if it’s sealing properly. The first and easiest thing to do is inspect the interior for signs of leaks, which may tell you where to look on the outside. Take the photo examples here. We spotted small bumps in this ceiling by the antenna crank. We then went up on the roof and started poking around by the antenna. One spot was swollen and soft below the membrane when we poked it. This appears to be an area where water has seeped under the roofing and caused the substrate to expand and possibly rot. This was most likely caused by a leak around the antenna.

The owner had noticed the bumps but, because they were so small, he didn’t bother to investigate further. In the meantime, leaking water was gradually damaging his motorhome roof.

For your inside inspection, look for such bumps or places where the interior wall has detached from the studs. Check for areas with mildew or mold, wet patches, or water stains and streaks. After a rain is a good time to look for pools of water and other signs of moisture where it shouldn’t be. This includes inspecting the dark corners of your cabinets and closets, even if you have to move stuff around. I’ve often looked in cabinets or closets and literally found mushrooms growing!”

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