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How to Go Green in Your RV in Reno Nevada

How to Go Green in Your RV in Reno Nevada

Are you an eco-friendly traveler in Reno Nevada? Well, here’s some great news for RV owners looking to go greener with their water waste.

happy family eatingAccording to an article at, “A Green RV Lifestyle

“Waste water is an often overlooked element of going greener while enjoying the RV lifestyle, but one that plays a huge role in the calculation of our environmental footprint. In order to treat waste while living in an RV, it is necessary to use products that both eliminate odors and help to break down and liquefy solid waste. But conventional holding tank deodorizers and treatment chemicals use highly toxic ingredients like formaldehyde and ammonia. Fortunately there are now newer and greener product alternatives that rely instead upon natural enzyme-based and bacterial formulas to break down waste and reduce foul odors.

There are several reasons why many RV owners are switching over to these more eco-conscious products for use in toilet and waste storage tank systems. One of the main benefits is that while chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia may be highly effective at destroying the odor-causing bacteria found in waste, they also destroy the ‘good’ kinds of bacteria that are needed in order to break down solid waste in septic systems. Plus, the more that RV owners use potentially hazardous chemicals to treat waste water, the more those chemicals also enter into campground septic systems ‘ which increases the risk that those chemicals will enter into municipal sewage systems that may not be equipped to adequately treat them before they are discharged into bodies of water like rivers and streams. Adding concentrated doses of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes to holding tanks, on the other hand, helps to accelerate the decomposition of waste without formaldehyde ‘ making the whole process much safer.”

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