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How to Get Your RV Ready for Summer Vacation

How to Get Your RV Ready for Summer Vacation

Summer RV season is in full bloom. Ready to take the family for an RV adventure? Before you hit the road with the family. Here are RV tips for summer traveling.

RVsAccording to an article at, “What to Do Before You Hit the Road”

“Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Summer:
    •    Begin by cleaning and inspecting it from top to bottom, noting any damage.
    •    Check the maintenance book and records to determine what items were done prior to storage and what is due now.
    •    Set tire pressures, check the fluid levels in the engine and genset, differential and transmission.
    •    Charge the batteries, clean the terminals and check electrolyte levels.
    •    Flush out the freshwater and holding tanks.
    •    Check the air filter and replace if needed.
    •    Remove any cobwebs or debris, and test the refrigerator and water heater (more on that later).

Water Heater
Have you changed the sacrificial anode in your coach’s water heater lately? Winter storage, when the tank is drained, is the best time to check it. Some RV water heaters, including Suburban-brand models, have an anode that is used up in an electrolytic process, which prevents damage to the tank. It should be inspected annually for deterioration.

Motor home owners often forget to drain and flush their water heaters.
    •    Remove the drain plug at the bottom of the tank and allow any sediment to escape with the water. Some models also have an anode rod that is part of the drain plug.
    •    Inspect the rod and replace it if it is more than 75 percent depleted. Refer to the water heater’s instruction manual for replacement details.
    •    Reinstall the drain plug and refill the tank before lighting the burner.” To read the entire article click here.

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