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How to Get Your Dog Adapted to RV Living

How to Get Your Dog Adapted to RV Living

Are you making the change to RV living full time? If you’re a dog owner you’ll need steps to prepare your dog in their new home. Here are steps on how to prepare your dog for RV living.

According to an article at, “How to Get Your Dog Acquainted with an RV”

11218840_ml“Help your pet get acquainted with the RV

You can begin this process by placing some of your animal’s belongings in the RV, then calmly bringing the dog or cat inside to let him sniff around and add his scent to the mix.

If your dog is already crate-trained, bring the crate inside as well and encourage your pup to go in (but don’t force it).

Dogs who aren’t yet crate trained may need to be, depending on how well they adapt to the next few steps – I’ll have more about that issue below.

Some pets will show signs of anxiety by drooling, whining or pacing.

If your pet does any of these, don’t reinforce this behavior by paying attention to it or picking up the animal.

Ignore the behavior itself and instead stay with your pet. In a calm, soothing voice explain to your pet that the RV is his home too.

Once your pet is calm enough to be petted, sit with him for a while and slowly stroke his fur.

Feeding treats while doing this is another great way to associate happy memories with the RV.

Return to your normal home after a few minutes and do this every day for longer and longer periods of time – until you sense that your animal is feeling more secure in the new environment.

It may take just a couple of tries or it may take a month.

Allow enough time before traveling and remember that each animal is different in how they adjust.” To read the entire article click here.

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