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How to Find an RV Park that fits Your Needs

How to Find an RV Park that fits Your Needs

When it comes to RVing and determining your road trip destination the next step in the process is finding a place to park. Here are tips on how to find an RV park that fits your needs.

RVing 3According to an article at, “What RV Park Will You Be Staying at on Your Next Road Trip?”

“Your success at finding a place to park your recreation vehicle (RV) depends on your motoring experience, trip planning, observations, and a little luck. Among the choices available to you are public or private parks?some free and some priced nightly, weekly, monthly, or even seasonally.

Know What You Need

Every RV is different, and finding a fit for your camper or motor home depends on what you require for:

  • Water 
  • Power
  • Sewer
  • Lot size

If your RV doesn’t have any water or sewer storage, then you might need these services. Emptying your tanks on your way out of a parking site is very convenient if the service is available.

Many of you can pass up electrical hookups if your goal is to rough it; yet, if your RV was selected to provide you with all the amenities, then you’ll want to be sure you get the right kind of power hookup.

For example, your refrigerator may be stocked and you’ll need 220V service to keep it running. If your RV is more basic, then maybe you might only power some lights using 110V service.” To read the entire article click here.

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