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How to Be Prepared for an Unexpected RV Breakdown

How to Be Prepared for an Unexpected RV Breakdown

How frustrating would it be to have the RV breakdown on the road while vacationing with the family? Here are helpful RV travel tips to consider when on a family RV road trip.

RVing 3According to an article at articlesbase, “RV Road Trip Preparation”

“No one wants a minor RV breakdown to stop them cold in their tracks. It’s frustrating to hear the vacation time clock tick away because a “little” damage creates a long delay. But it doesn’t have to happen. Chances are a temporary repair can get you back on the road again without disturbing your plans. Just a few preparations and precautions can help you fix many kinds of minor damage that might otherwise ruin your trip. Sound too complicated? Not if you know what repair items to bring, how to make simple, on-the-spot repairs, what to expect from roadside assistance and how to keep your RV going until you can get it properly repaired at home.

 Just about any RV owner can easily make temporary repairs, depending on how handy you are and the nature of the repair. But if you don’t feel comfortable attempting a minor repair, you can contact a mobile RV service that will come to your location to replace a broken windshield or make other small repairs.

Handy Things to Carry 

In order to make temporary repairs, take these items with you on every trip: flashlight, jumper cables, trickle battery charger, road flares, adjustable wrench, various types of screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, pocket knife and duct tape for quick-fix repairs. Carry a few spare parts, especially for long trips. Include some spare belts, hoses, fuses and headlights. Even if you check these items before you leave, they can break at any time while traveling. Bring along a variety of screws, staples, nails, rivets and other fasteners. Also bring the common fluids your RV uses; for example, oil, transmission fluid and anti-freeze.” To read the entire article click here.

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