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How to Avoid these Common RV Repairs

How to Avoid these Common RV Repairs

Are you a new RV owner? Do you know the most common repairs that RV owners comes across? Let’s take a look RV parts to keep a close eye on.

According to an article at, “RV Mishaps and How You Can Avoid them”

Recreational vehicle“1. Awning Breaks on a Windy or Rainy Day

The awning is one of the top repair jobs at any RV repair shop. Among the many ways to damage an awning, the top two most frequently seen are rain warping and wind breakage.

During a heavy rain, rainwater often can collect in the middle of an awning, causing it to warp. The longer the rainfall, the more damage is caused, resulting in a ruined awning that no longer retracts properly. Windy conditions put stress on RV awnings, weakening them considerably, and occasionally, in extremely windy weather, ripping them off the RV entirely.

Tips to Avoid Awning Breakage:

  • Tilt the awning downwards slightly to avoid rain pooling.
  • Retract your awning during windy weather.
  1. Generator Deteriorates from Lack of Use

Your generator needs to be run consistently. Allowing it to sit for an extended period of time without turning it on will speed deterioration. The carburetor will tarnish, resulting in decreased fuel efficiency and power capabilities. Moreover, there is no way to clean it so replacement is the only option. Keep your generator in good condition and it should last you a good long time.

Tips to keep your generator running smoothly:

  • Run your generator every 30 days.
  • Run it at 50% capacity for approximately two hours.
  1. Weathered Seals Let In Moisture

Door seals, window seals, and roof seals are made of materials that naturally deteriorate over time. Failure to notice this development will result in moisture seeping into the interior of the RV, causing a musty odor inside the vehicle and allowing toxic mold to form. Bad leaks from broken seals pose a severe risk for water damage to your RV.

Tips to keep your seals in good condition:

  • Check all seals every three months.
  • Periodically have deteriorating seals replaced.” To read the entire article click here.

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