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Have You Outgrown Your RV?

Have You Outgrown Your RV?

Is it time to upgrade to a larger RV? Maybe the first RV was good for that time in your life, but today the priorities that your looking for in an RV are different?

According to an article, “What Will Your Next RV Have”

“Finances: Knowing your price range is a great way to start your RV research. Deciding on whether to finance or pay cash will help you determine how much you can afford to spend on your new RV. Keep in mind that options and extras will increase the price, so leave yourself a cushion for items you think you may want to add. 

Family size: Consider how many family members, including pets, will be traveling in your new RV. Make sure that you have enough beds and seating to accommodate everyone, and room for items that each family member may bring.

Storage: Not enough storage can leave everyone feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Determine how much cabinet and storage space you have to accommodate items such as bikes, grills, tool box, camp chairs, etc. Many RVs have exterior “basement” storage areas for bulky or oversized items, leaving the inside free for clothes, toiletries, housewares and other items you may need to access more quickly.” To read the entire article click here.

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