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Have You Gradually Accumulated to Many Things in your RV?

Have You Gradually Accumulated to Many Things in your RV?

Have You Gradually Accumulated to Many Things in your RV?

While summer is around the corner, it’s never too late to spring clean your RV. If you haven’t done so already. Here are tips on how to lighten up the load in your RV before summer traveling is in full bloom.

35728456_sAccording to an article at, “Do You Really Need that Many Things in Your RV?”

“If you’ve been gradually accumulating more and more “stuff” over the years, it’s probably time to put your RV on a weight reduction program. But first you need to take a trip to the scales. Don’t guess at your load weight, it’s easy to underestimate by hundreds of pounds. You can have your rig weighed at a public weigh station for a minimal fee. Look in the Yellow Pages under “Scales, Public” to find the location of scales nearest you.

Be sure to weigh your rig when it’s fully loaded. It’s also important to weigh each axle separately. After the weigh-in you might be surprised at how quickly the combined weight of your passengers and all your “stuff” adds up to more than you expected.

Lightening That Load
If your RV turns out to be a heavyweight, look it over from top to bottom and consider what’s necessary and what’s not. Just because your rig has a lot of shelves, drawers and other storage space doesn’t mean you have to fill them all up. If possible, remove all your belongings, then put back only the items you really need.

When you reload, remember to store heavy items low and forward, lightweight articles high. Be sure heavy items can’t slide into the water pump or other fixed equipment. Try to balance the load between the two sides of the RV. A simple measurement of clearances on both sides can aid in proper balance. You can minimize swing, sway or wobble if you keep the vehicle’s center of gravity low.

When loading your motor home or travel trailer, make sure everything has a place and is easy to get at when needed. Experienced RVers prepare a packing map of luggage and storage areas for easy access. Secure all cargo inside and outside the vehicle. Anything rattling around loose is a potential hazard, as well as noisy.” To read the entire article click here.

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