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Going on an RV Trip Did You Visit the Best RV Service Center in Reno Nevada?

Going on an RV Trip Did You Visit the Best RV Service Center in Reno Nevada?

Has it been too long since your last RV road trip in Reno Nevada? If your RV has been stored for several months there are necessary steps you should take to insure your safety while on the road.

rvAccording to an article at, “Before You Hit The Road”

“When temperatures rise and the air is sweet with new grass and blossom, the temptation is great to load up the RV and take an impromptu weekend getaway to your favorite destination. Not so fast, buster. That trailer, camper or motorhome has been sitting all winter long and – depending on where you live – may have been subjected to some pretty objectionable weather. Continuous cold temperatures, rain, snow and ice can cause damage to RVs both inside and out – and your first trip of the season is not the time to find out something’s wrong.

You know when the weather begins to turn favorable in your area, and you know about the time spring fever strikes you, so about a month or so prior, take some time to thoroughly inspect and test your RV so it’s ready when you are. “The biggest mistake most RV owners make is to wait until a few days before they plan to travel to make sure everything’s okay.”

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It’s always best to have your RV inspected before any trip by the leading RV Service Center in Reno Nevada. For more information visit and schedule an RV service appointment.

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