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Full Time RV Lifestyle

Full Time RV Lifestyle

Are thinking about going RVing full time or for an extended period of time? Before you pack up the RV, here are tips to consider when RVing for an extended period of time.

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “RVing Full Time”

Living in an RV full time is considerably different when you’re working. It’s also different than just taking a vacation for a few weeks. A lot of this depends on the type and size of the RV, too. Ours is 27 feet, bumper to bumper.

It’s been about six months since hitting the road full time in an RV, and while I’d love to say everything’s been completely rosy, I can’t. There are just some things about a regular house on a foundation that I miss, and I’m sure lots of others that have switched over to the RV lifestyle will agree. Here we go:

•    Regular shower and/or bathroom: At first, a small bathroom seems just fine – until you’ve been in there a few times. The walls close in. The shower is smaller than most broom closets. Your elbows will touch both sides, as will a lot of the rest of your body at certain times. While it’s totally doable to take a shower and still feel like you are OK to go out in public, it’s certainly not luxurious. 

•    Having more than a Hobbit-sized refrigerator: If Hobbits had fridges, I’m sure it would be similar to the one we have in our RV. It’s more like a dorm fridge with a small freezer on the top. Oh, and RV refrigerators don’t operate like the one you buy down at Sears. Oh, no. These babies work by what’s known as gas absorption, which entails heating ammonia that magically cools the fridge. I won’t go into the gory details, mostly because I’m not too versed in the wizardry behind it. Just know that it is usually too cold (your veggies are going to freeze) or too warm (your veggies are going to rot) and you may have to fiddle with the buttons to keep things right. 

•    Having cabinets above head level: Continuing with the Hobbit theme, I’d love to make it through one day without banging my head on some part of the RV. Sometimes I feel like I should wear a helmet while walking around inside. From the bathroom cabinet to the front area where the TV is located, I’ve made cranial contact with all of it hard enough to see stars. Not exactly fun.” To read the entire article click here.

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