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Finding the Best RV Park

Finding the Best RV Park

Not sure how to find the best RV parks with the best deals? Here are tips to help any newbie RVer to the lifestyle.

rv 1According to an article at, “How to Find the Best RV Park’s”

“Make sure a park you are interested in has a full hookup. It implies wireless Internet connection, water supply, electricity, and sewer hookup. Call them to specify details, it is important. It is better to ask about such things in advance. Even if the RV park’s site says they do have all these things you should make sure it its true and nothing is out of order. To make sure the place is good enough for you, rent it for 24 hours (if possible) and if you like it, prolong your stay.

Parking time

Decide how long you want to stay in that RV park and ask if they allow long-term camping. Some don’t even let renters stay longer than half a month. You have to learn more about prices and find out if there are any additional services you may have to pay for.

Pick a location

Pick a city and see how many RV parks there are. Choose one that is closer to places you are interested in. Do your homework: make sure the neighborhood is good and air is not polluted.

Additional amenities

Some RV parks offer special rooms so RV owners can socialize and have a good time, and other RV parks even have some sort of gyms. These things become available after you rent a space, and there is usually no additional payment.” To read the entire article click here.

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