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Extended RV Trips or Vacations can be Affordable … and Fun

American companies generally provide their employees with one or two weeks vacation annually … rarely does time off go beyond that limit. So, it’s no surprise that the average American citizen believes that the very best trips or vacations are those that last no longer than one-to-two weeks. Call it a pre-conditioned response … but that is what most people believe. And they are wrong.

RV Trips or Vacations Seem to Get Better the Longer They Last.

It’s true. Ask any fellow RV traveler if he or she has ever “hit the road” for a month, two months at a time, even longer and the likely response will be:”Yes, and I loved every minute of it. I never wanted to return home.” The reason why is, or should be, obvious. Traveling by RV is invigorating … freedom inducing … often exciting … and always rewarding.

There is little that Compares to Being Able to go Where you Want – Without Restrictions.

Think about it. RV travelers are never tied down to a single hotel or stuck endlessly on a cruise ship. They are not faced with the prohibitive costs that often are part of those vacation options. No … RV travelers enjoy the exhilarating freedom of the open road … and the right to go wherever they choose … whenever the mood strikes them. That’s why RV travel is so popular and why extended trips or vacations are often an integral part of the RV travel experience.

There is Another Reason Why Lengthy RV trips or Vacations are Special … they’re budget-friendly.

RV vacationers don’t need to live in “ivory towers” … never require fancy meals in overpriced restaurants … and don’t attend overhyped and costly sporting events or club entertainment. No … RV travelers enjoy “the simpler pursuits” and, as a result, even lengthy RV trips or vacations don’t have to be “budget-busters.” When you, as a RV enthusiast and vacationer, opt to park your RV for a night or two at an affordable RV Park, you are saving money.  The same is true when you opt to bring canned foods with you and prepare your own meals. Moreover, you choose entertainment that is often free and always more fun. Those are the things that separate you from other American vacationers. You are RV-smart-and-savvy.

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