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Exploring the Open Road with your RV in Reno

Exploring the Open Road with your RV in Reno

Do you have an itch to take out the RV for one last RV road trip this summer? Here are travel tips to make your RV road trip a memorable one.

RV According to an article at, “RV Travel Preparation Tips”

“The average campground costs about $19 a night including water and electric hookups. In a recent study done by PKF Consulting, this rate compared to $84.82 a night for hotels/motels in 32 cities. Remember campground prices vary widely. The higher site fees are found at well-known RV resorts, especially those near major attractions. Usually, the lowest rates are away from the big cities and popular attractions. Campgrounds located close to interstates tend to be more expensive than those a few miles off. But if you’re paying for mileage on your RV rental unit, consider if the cost of gas and mileage is worth the difference. One of the best ways to budget for your RV/camping vacation is to use your Woodall’s Campground Directory. Plan in advance and compare prices. Even the more pricey RV resorts offer a reasonably-priced vacation when compared with hotels/motels.

Stop before the day gets too late so you can stay at the campground of your choice. If you’re headed for a busy area where you know a special event is taking place, reserve well in advance.

Planning For Gasoline Costs

The amount you spend on gasoline is another of the major costs for your RV rental vacation. Mileage differs from one type of RV to another. Towing a fold-down camping trailer provides the best miles-per-gallon costs. You’ll spend a bit more on gas for a motorhome and for the tow vehicle needed to pull a large trailer. But there are ways to save money here, too.

When using interstate highways, watch for exits where at least three gasoline stations exist. Competition usually means lower prices. Observe carefully to see if it’s the same price for you to pay cash or use a credit card.

All drivers know of ways to save on gasoline but here are some reminders. Going 55 MPH saves 8 to 9 percent on gasoline versus traveling at 60 MPH. Pass wisely. Avoid stop-and-go driving and idling excessively. Use cruise control except on grades. Plan your trips wisely to avoid back tracking, making sure you get everything accomplished in one trip.” To read an entire article click here.

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