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Don’t Wait Anymore Get the RV You’ve Always Wanted in Reno

Don’t Wait Anymore Get the RV You’ve Always Wanted in Reno

Is the RV lifestyle very appealing to you? Then what are you waiting for? Here are steps to take to get the RV that fist your lifestyle and budget.

7388303_sAccording to an article at, “Expenses You Need to Consider When Buying an RV”

“Harder in the sense that for most people this will be the second to third biggest purchase in their life after their home and car. Even more than the house in some cases! Regardless of the type or price of the RV there are other considerations that are not always unique to RV’s but certainly need to be considered. Aside from the asking price of an RV, it’s important to look at the “hidden” costs in addition to the sticker price:

  • Maintenance – The bigger the RV the more things that can go wrong! RV’s seem to have more issues than the average car. Unless you’re handy then this can be a considerable expense.
  • Insurance – The bigger the RV the bigger the bill for insurance. You will find that insurance will be more expensive than its passenger commuting counterpart.
  • Fuel/Oil – The RV world is still waiting on a Prius motorhome. Until then expect to get fuel economy between 8-20 MPG depending on the RV you choose.
  • Towing – If you will be towing either your RV or a vehicle behind your motorhome you need to consider if you have the vehicle or equipment to do so.
  • Place to Park Your New Ride – Many homeowner Associations don’t allow for RV’s or there is no space to store them. You may need to store them a at a fee elsewhere
  • Where will you Stay– Safe to assume that you may take your RV places that charge rent for you to stay at a RV park or Campground.
  • Meals – Will you have the option of making meals in your RV or will you have to eat out on your trips?” To read the entire article click here.

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