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Do You Understand the Difference Between a Class A or Class C Motorhome in Reno Nevada?

Do You Understand the Difference Between a Class A or Class C Motorhome in Reno Nevada?  

Not sure, which RV is best for you in Reno Nevada? To have a clear understanding on what you want here’s a few pointers on the different classes of motorhomes.

rvAccording to an article at, “Which RV do You Want?”

Class A Motorhome

The class A is what most people think of when they hear the word motorhome. Class A motorhomes are generally the most popular, largest, self-contained, and full featured motorhomes available. They tend to have the look of a better equipped bus and typically come with a gas engine or a rear diesel engine (known as a diesel pusher). Class A motorhomes are manufactured by an array of companies and the configurations are endless. You will find that all motorhomes are built upon a chassis that was originally designed for a bus or large truck. The Class A style motorhome price range is a wide one. With new models starting around $60,000 and can get north of $1 Million. It all depends how much you want your house on wheels to feel like home. The options on some models are quite literally endless. There are entertainment systems, lighting, custom cabinets, flooring, etc to choose from. You can expect 99% of them to come with a pair of captains chairs, living area, kitchen, bathroom, shower, and even a dining table. Many feature what is referred to as a “slide out” or “pop out”, which provides for extra living space that is created as the walls of the RV push out while parked. Modern motorhomes typically have at lease one and I have seen models that have as many as 5. Class A’s offer some of the more generous storage options as many come with a RV basements that looks much like the luggage compartments at the base of buses. Great for storing all your necessities for life on the road.

Class B Motorhome (Camper Vans)

A Class B motorhome is similar to the Class A only it is built using a full size van and specially designed for mobile living. You will find the Class B to be quite familiar in terms of handling and gas mileage to a conventional car or SUV. It can continue to be used as a family car which is one of the factors that people enjoy. Much like its larger cousin the Class A, some models still come with many of the creature comforts such as bathroom, television, kitchens, etc. The Class B is the smallest of the motorhome family but is still a great option for 2-3 people seeking better MPG, handling, and ways to navigate tight areas with ease.

Class C Motorhome

The Class C motorhome is the offspring if Class A and Class B found love. Its a hybrid motorhome that tends to bring several of the benefits of both. The feature that gets a lot of press is the over cab sleeping area. Ironically many people just use it for storage. Class C motorhomes usually come with gas engines and as you can see from the picture they have a van front end which is where the engine is housed. Most of them are built on GM or Ford chassis but some manufacturers have started using big rig chassis (example) which make them look much different and they typically cater to the luxury RV crowd. The big rig Class C’s are also some of the best haulers available. You will find that Class C’s vary in length from about 20ft to 40ft. The longer variations rivaling the Class A in terms of space and usability. Newer Class C’s also incorporate slide outs which gives a little more room while parked. You will notice in general that the Class C motorhome tends to be tighter on space than a Class A but has much more than the Class B. The space over the cab is often ideal for families needing to maximize sleeping arrangements. Many in this class will drive much like a large car or SUV but you do lose some cab function over the Class A, in particular the seats in the front of a Class A swivel to face the living are but you will find that most in the Class C arena do not which takes away from seating usability.”

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