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Clarifying the Difference Between an RV and Travel Trailers

Clarifying the Difference Between an RV and Travel Trailers

Are you looking for an adventure this summer? Maybe your looking into purchasing an RV or a travel trailer; here are tips to help you understand the difference between an RV and a travel trailer.

rv 1According to an article at, “Understanding RVs

“The RV travel Trailers were established in the year 1920, trailing behind regular vehicles. Such trailers were used mainly for accommodation. Hence, they are very small as compared to a recreational vehicle. However, over the years, such trailers have changed their shape, size and amenities. The basic difference between a recreational vehicle and a trailer is that the former has multiple compartments used for traveling all over the world. It comes with a living room, bedroom, and kitchen and bath room. However, a travel trailer is small in size and is often fitted with just a sleeping compartment. It would basically accommodate two people; however the larger ones can accommodate a group of friends etc.

The recent new arrivals in the recreational vehicles are equipped with many amenities, which enable them to serve as a motor home or hotels. Due to the larger size and the multiple functions, the “RV” requires greater maintenance as compared to the travel trailer. Visiting different places across the world is such an interesting experience. Though there are many modern infrastructures like malls and theme parks for people to relax and chill out, camping trips and nature trip seems to be the best preferred means of leisure for many. While traveling it is perfect idea to use a camper trailer. With the help of such camper trailer, it is very easy to go for a short trip; as such recreational vehicle is preferred for a few days trip like a weekend get together.”

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