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Calling all Reno Nevada RV Owners

Calling all Reno Nevada RV Owners

Looking into purchasing a Reno RV? To be a responsible and informed RV owner here are facts that every Reno RV owner should be aware of.

IMGP1009According to an article at, “RV Information”

“Various organizations of families living in RVs have been established since the boom of motorhome traveling. Family Motor Coach Association and Good Sam Club are among the most popular of these groups. These organizations aim to make RVing safer and more enjoyable, and to help members minimize their RV expenses by giving benefits and services.

RVs are designed with features to make even dry camping enjoyable. Dry camping refers to the type of camping which has no supply of water, electricity, and other primary utilities. With sufficient storage room within the RV, RVers can enjoy staying even in the most desolate campgrounds for a couple of days or weeks.

Since RVs are not stationary, regulations concerning parking and waste dumping are observed. Sitting in the rain shadow of Sierra Nevada, Reno spans a fair share of woodland, watercourses, and downtown’s, making nice parking zones for RVs. However, a Reno RV can only park at spots identified by the local government. As to dumping wastes, there are dumping stations intended only for RV wastes so that they wouldn’t get mixed up with other wastes.” To read the entire article click here.

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