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Benefits of RV Solar Panels in Reno

Benefits of RV Solar Panels in Reno

Are you looking for more eco-friendly ways to improve your RV experience? Here are the facts about RV solar panels that every RV owner should be clear on.

According to an article at, “Eco-Friendly RV Tips”

“Modern day RVers also have a similar desire for this type of power source. They also want their power source to be clean, quiet, and free of the vibration and pollution associated with petrochemical fired generators. Today’s solar powered systems meet all the above criteria and more.

Benefits of Solar Electric Battery Charging

1. It’s Clean, Quiet, & Easy to use.

Solar panels consume no fuel and give off no waste and are therefore clean.

There are no moving parts so there is no mechanical noise being produced.

Talk about easy to use…by simply placing the solar panel in the sun, you generate electricity!

2. It Maximizes Battery Life

Solar panels generate pure D.C. electricity when exposed to sunlight. This is exactly what your batteries want. By saturating the lead plates with these pure D.C. electrons in a slow and steady manner on a daily basis, you prevent your batteries from repetitive deep discharges which shorten their life. In fact, a properly sized and designed solar battery charging system can easily double the useful life of your batteries!

3. Electrical Independence

With a properly sized system and the appropriate components, you will be able to park where you want and be free of the concerns of finding shore power or running your generator. Go to the desert, the mountains, ocean, and beaches, anywhere the sun shines and declare your electrical independence!” To read the entire article click here.

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