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Are You Confident in Your RV Driving Skills in Reno Nevada?

Are You Confident in Your RV Driving Skills in Reno Nevada?

Do you consider yourself an expert RV driver? For those individuals that are getting used to driving an RV in Reno Nevada; here are tips to help you become a confident RV driver.

According to an article at, “RV Tips”

“With some practice, you can become a confident driver of your new RV. Whether you are thinking about purchasing a trailer and tow vehicle (or vice versa), or if you’re new to the RVing lifestyle, here are a few RV driving and towing tips:

Experienced automobile drivers already have the skills to drive a motorized RV. Automatic transmissions, power brakes and steering are practically standard equipment.

With proper attention to the differences in vehicle size, height and weight, you will find getting behind the wheel of the conversion van or motorhome fun. If your RV is a towable, don’t fear – towing skills are also readily acquired.

Motorized RVs

Adjust and use all rear view mirrors. Before leaving on a trip, sit in the driver’s seat and adjust all mirrors for optimal road views.

Account for your vehicle size when turning. The front and rear wheels will track paths much farther apart than those of a car.

Allow more time to brake, change lanes and enter a busy highway since bigger vehicles take more time to accelerate and slow down.”

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