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Are You a RV Weekender, Snowbird, or a Vacationer in Reno Nevada?

Are You a RV Weekender, Snowbird, or a Vacationer in Reno Nevada?

Do you know the difference in RV lifestyles in Reno Nevada? To have a clear understanding of the different RV lifestyles, here’s a list of the common RV terminology.

rvAccording to an article at, “What Kind of RVer Are You?

“All RV lifestyles have many things in common, yet each has a distinct set of characteristics that set them apart. In this article I attempt to capture the most significant characteristics of the major lifestyle categories: RV Camper or Weekender, Vacationer, Snowbird, and Full-timer.

RV terminology evolves with the rest of our language and meaning can change with time. What one person calls a vacationer another may call a snowbird. My definitions are based on what I consider major categories with easily identifiable characteristics. At the same time, I recognize that the lines between them may be drawn in different places by others. Nevertheless, this categorization will provide the new RVer a good starting point.

RV Camper or Weekender

I use “RV camper” and “weekender” interchangeably because they both imply a short trip ranging from a couple of days to a week. RV camping is a few notches above tent camping with advantages such as keeping all camping gear in the RV, more interior room, cooking facilities, and a sturdier structure. Major characteristics of this RV lifestyle are the following:

Trip duration

Short trips ranging from a few days to a week, requiring limited cargo and storage space.


Activities focus on relaxation and time away from the normal demands of life.


Are you kidding? What weekender is going to clean or do laundry? Sufficient storage is necessary for carrying clean clothes for the duration of the trip.

Personal hygiene

Again—are you kidding? Maybe the teeth get brushed in the morning, but showers are completely optional, even if the campground offers facilities.

RV & equipment durability

Equipment is designed to be light, quickly set up, easy to transport and quick to tear down. RV’s suitable for this lifestyle receive the least amount of use and are the least durable.


Weekenders typically seek out moderate to warm climates. Equipment is designed to keep occupants comfortable in a narrow range of weather conditions, generally well above freezing.”

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