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8 RV Safety Tips in Reno Nevada

8 RV Safety Tips in Reno Nevada

Love the experience of traveling with all the comforts of home in Reno Nevada? While you’re having the time of your life traveling RV style here are safety tips to consider while on the road.

rv 1According to an article at, “RV Traveling Safety Tips”

“1.The safety of your RV rides on its tires. Know how much pressure they should have. Keep them inflated to the level. Besides adding to your safety, the proper tire pressure can increase your fuel mileage.

2. Know your RV’s weight limits. What is its gross vehicle weight rating? What is your rig’s cargo carrying capacity – the weight of things you can safely add? Stay within the limits.

3. Know the height and width of your RV. If you’re not good remembering numbers, make a cheat sheet. Write the measurements on a note card and tape it to your visor. It will be there for easy reference when you need to see if you can safely go through a tunnel or under an overpass.

4. Know where the fire extinguisher is in your RV. Bounce it every few months, have it inspected annually, and get it recharged on schedule.

5. Check your smoke alarm. Make sure it has a good battery.

6. Service your house batteries. Make sure they have adequate water.

7. If you have a motorized RV, do (or have someone do for you) regular fluid checks – oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, window washer solution.

8. Drive safe speeds. The posted speed limit is the fastest allowed speed limit, not the speed you are required to drive.”

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