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3 Tips on How to RV Travel with Small Children in Reno

3 Tips on How to RV Travel with Small Children in Reno

Will you be RV traveling with small children this summer? Traveling with small kiddos is a great adventure with the proper preparation tips. 

RVing 3According to an article at, “How to Travel with Small Children”

“Travel safer, better

  1. Hydrate: Bring only water and not too much of it — you don’t want juice or milk spills in the car. Remember, the more they drink, the more they have to go to the bathroom. And speaking of that, see No. 2.
  2. Potty talk: For toddlers out of pull-ups, you may want to have a small travel potty for when you can’t reach a rest stop. For older children, empty Snapple-size bottles are a savior for boys.
  3. Entertain: Make sure to pack DVD players and iPads that are well charged. Be loaded up on movies (and apps) the kids have never seen before. Go to the library, and rent as many movies as you can. When it’s new to kids, it keeps them interested more than the same old movies they have seen. Certain toddlers, however, go against that grain and may need their absolute favorite movie playing over and over.” To read the entire article click here.

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